About The UCLA Curtis Center

The UCLA Mathematics Department has a strong tradition of involvement in the entire spectrum of mathematical activity with programs ranging from K-12 mathematics to advanced current research. The department's involvement in mathematical activity at the pre-collegiate level was significantly shaped by Professor Emeritus Phil Curtis, who played a singular role in the establishment of most of the department’s current mathematics education programs.

The Curtis Center

Building on this tradition, on June 5, 2007, the department established the Philip C. Curtis Jr. Center for Mathematics and Teaching, whose purpose is to further high quality K-12 mathematics activity and mathematics education research. The Curtis Center is dedicated to developing and supporting quality mathematics programs that interface with the K-16 community, including outreach programs for K-12 students, continuing education programs for K-12 teachers and mathematics teacher preparation programs for UCLA undergraduates. Long term, the Curtis Center plans to conduct research that will provide new knowledge about the learning and teaching of mathematics at the pre-collegiate and undergraduate levels.

Our Three Tasks

  • Provide effective opportunities for K-12 teachers to deepen their understanding of the mathematics they teach, extend their knowledge of mathematics, and learn how to apply their mathematical knowledge to the work of teaching.
  • Provide effective training of undergraduates for careers in mathematics teaching and mathematics teacher leadership.
  • Provide high quality mathematics activities for students in local schools to give them a view of mathematics as a creative reasoning and problem solving activity with intrinsic beauty and meaningful application.