The UCLA Mathematics Department has been preparing undergraduates for careers in mathematics teaching since its inception. UCLA has a number of programs to offer students and this site has more information about each of them.

UCLA’s Math Teacher Education Program is known for producing not only high quality math teachers but teachers who become leaders in their departments and school districts and stay in the teaching profession.

The programs serve to develop graduates who are high-quality and have:

  • Knowledge of pre-collegiate mathematics from a deep, extended and pedagogical 
  • Knowledge of the connections between the undergraduate mathematics curriculum and pre-collegiate mathematics
  • Knowledge of current learning theories
  • Knowledge of research-based mathematics pedagogy, including assessment
  • Beginning exposure to and experience with teaching collaborative groups and whole class lessons utilizing various instructional strategies, including inquiry-based strategies

We encourage you to participate in UCLA’s Math Teaching Program. Please explore this site to learn more!

Applications are due on March 30, 2018. Group interviews will be on March 28th, 2018.

To schedule your interview for March 28th, please contact Emma Hipolito,  Director UCLA Teacher Education Program, at hipolito@gseis.ucla.edu.